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Learn How to Write Collision Estimates as an Auto Damage Appraiser


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Write Auto Damage Estimates

Become an Auto Damage Appraiser

Start Your Path to Being an IA

With this course, 10 year auto damage appraising veteran, Chris Stanley, helps you learn how to write an auto damage estimate line by line.

You'll learn the core of being an auto damage appraiser plus the tips of a veteran who wants to make it easier for you to be or become independent appraiser (IA)

This course is an interactive 8-week online course. The videos, homework, and workshop sessions are released to you on a weekly basis building your knowledge and practical application brick by brick.

By the end you'll have the confidence to document any damaged vehicle you encounter regardless of the estimating software you are required to use.

You'll also understand the process you'll be expected to perform in real work scenarios. It's the best of both worlds, knowledge and application.


Practical Application

The Format

This course is an online interactive course that combines weekly self-paced learning & homework assignments with live online sessions for Q&A, application, and review.

With the live weekly group workshops, you'll get real-time feedback while you apply your newfound knowledge and expertise.

With the ability to ask questions live during the workshops you'll never have to guess if you understand what you are learning.

Weekly assignments and homework give you the hands-on tasks to build your confidence and prove you have what it takes to be included in the next generation of auto damage appraisers.

About Your Instructor

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley

Founder of IA Path

Chris has 10 years of experience as an independent adjuster and appraiser.

Starting as a daily auto damage appraiser he has been a dispatcher, file reviewer, and state manager for a nationwide appraisal company,

In catastrophe adjusting, Chris worked as a cat Line adjuster, project manager, and national operations manager.

Now with a heart for adjuster placement and training, Chris Stanley founded the IA Path.

The IA Path was founded to help make it easier to be and become an auto damage appraiser. Through IA Path's podcast, courses, software, services, and online presence, IA Path has garnered respect as a top influencer on the next generation of independent auto damage appraisers.

You Will Learn

Photo Documentation

Damage Identification

Parts of the Vehicle

Estimate Writing

Repair Operations

Standard Expectations

Bonus Material


Hail Adjuster's Playbook

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8-Week Mentorship

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Get 8-week mentorship from an industry leader who has been where you are.


We Give and Get Names

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Add your name to the list of IA Path's graduated appraisers that are given to appraisal companies. Receive Chris Stanley's black book of IA companies you can apply for.


Week 1 (Dec 4th-11th)


  • Getting Started FREE TRIAL
  • Part of the Car: Front Bumper FREE TRIAL
  • Front Bumper Cont. FREE TRIAL
  • Repair Operation: Replace FREE TRIAL
  • Replacement Part Types FREE TRIAL
  • Repair Operation: Remove & Install (R&I) FREE TRIAL
  • Week 1 Video Challenge FREE TRIAL
  • Resizing Photos With Faststone Photo Resizer FREE TRIAL
  • Week 1 Quiz/Assignment FREE TRIAL
  • Live Training Registration: Week 1
  • Live Training Replay: Week 1
  • **Replay Week 1 Review**

Week 2 (Dec 11-17th)


  • Grille & Headlights
  • Hood
  • Windshield
  • Standard Photos
  • IA Path Video Photo Guide
  • Zip Up Your Photos
  • Vehicle Owner
  • Repair Operation: Refinish
  • Repair Operation: Repair
  • Labor Hours
  • Week 2 Challenge
  • Week 2 Quiz
  • Watch the Live Training: Week 2 - Dec 18th 6pm (Eastern)
  • **Replay Week 2 Review**

Week 3 (Dec 19-25th)


  • Fender
  • Doors
  • Uniside
  • Quarter Panel
  • Sublet Repair
  • The People at the Appraisal Company
  • The Assignment Sheet
  • CCC One Admin Screen
  • Audatex Admin Screen
  • Week 3 Challenge - Fill Out Audatex Admin & Vehicle Screens
  • Week 3 Quiz
  • Audatex Admin Screen Excercise
  • **Replay Week 3 Review**

Week 4 (Dec 25th - Jan 1st)


  • Trunk/Liftgate
  • Back Lamps
  • Rear Bumper
  • Appointment Setting
  • The People at the Shop
  • IA Path's 4 Steps to Writing a Collision Scope Sheet or Notes
  • IA Path R&I Refinish & Blend Guide
  • CCC One - Estimate Tab
  • Audatex - Damage Page
  • Week 4 Challenge - Photos and Scope Sheet
  • Week 4 Quiz
  • **Replay** Week 4 Review

Week 5 (Jan 1st - Jan 8th)


  • Inner Structure of the Vehicle
  • Using IA Path's Auto Damage Scope Sheet
  • IA Path Auto Damage Appraisers Scope Sheet
  • Breaking Down a Printed Estimate
  • Creating a Header or Profile Inside of Audatex
  • Creating a Header or Profile Inside of CCC One
  • Labor Rates Screen for Audatex
  • Labor Rates Screen for CCC One
  • Uploading a File
  • Week 5 Challenge & Homework
  • Week 5 Quiz
  • **Replay** Week 5 Review

Week 6 (Jan 9th-15th)


  • Interior Parts of the Vehicle
  • The Total Loss Process and Form
  • Calling in Your Total Loss Form
  • Total Loss Forms and Definitions
  • Week 6 Quiz
  • Week 6 Challenge
  • Week 6 Quiz
  • **Replay** Week 6 Review

Week 7 (Jan 15th-22nd)


  • Steps to a Completed Supplement
  • Writing a Supplement
  • Handling a Supplement Without a Re-inspection
  • **Replay Week 7 Review**

Week 8 (Jan 22nd-29th)


  • Final Challenge
  • Final Challenge Upload
  • Multiple Choice Final Test (1st submission ONLY Accepted)
  • **Replay Graduation Celebration**

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