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    6+ hours of self-paced videos walking you through the major parts of the car, repair operations, paintless dent repair, catastrophic claims process, writing estimates, the mindset of a hail adjuster and more!

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    Interactive live online sessions across 4 days will allow you to network, engage, and learn face to face. It's like being in a classroom, without the travel expenses of course.

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    Upon graduation you will receive IA Path's Hail Certification which waves experience requirements with leading companies in the industry. Adjuster's with our certification will have the edge on all adjusters that don't have experience or training.

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Hail & PDR Estimating 101

Stand Out on the Cat Line

Most adjuster's on catastrophic deployments know very little about how to write proper hail estimate. It takes most adjusters years to acquire the experience to feel confident. At the end of 4 days you'll know more than most adjusters learn in 4 years. Chris Stanley wrote the book on Hail Adjusting and he is passing on that experience and knowledge to you.
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Hail & PDR Estimating 101

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Reviews of the Hail Adjuster's Playbook

Shawn Parsons

Excellent read.

Shawn Parsons

This is a book for novice and pro alike. It's a truthful look 'behind the curtain' of the life of a hail appraiser/adjuster. I've been in this industry a little over 20 years and I still found a wealth of useful and insightful knowledge. Kudos to the author!
Mike Fede

A must read for all within the industry

Mike Fede

This is a refreshing tool for the hail business! So many mistakes made at the start of a catastrophe hail claim. This book provides both new to the game and vets a great insight to the correct way of doing things right the first time! Both insurance and repair facilities are affected by poor inspections. This book will help to create a smooth flow from the start. Can't say enough good things about it!

Thank you Chris!!! Awesome book.


Awesome book!! I am very very new to adjusting and this book breaks it down for me to understand. I have purchased 3 other books and they did not help me at all. They just told me things I could look up online myself. I also notice some experienced claims adjusters don't want to tell you any of their secrets, but that is not the case with you. I also have no experience with automobiles and this book, helps to give me to confidence needed to prepare for my new career. Thank you so much Chris.

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  • Hail Adjuster's Playbook

    Get the Amazon Best Selling book, Hail Adjuster's Playbook. With 31 all 5 star reviews, it is an industry standard manual on the hail adjusting process. It will give you an amazing reference when you need it for years to come.

  • Hail Guides

    Get the ultimate hail adjuster guides and templates to make it easier than ever to complete a hail claim. Never worry about what a part is called, how many repairs hours to write, or what additional operations are needed with these amazing guides.

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    Stand out in a crowd by unlocking the exclusive"hail badge" on IA Path's job and recruitment website, IA Recruiter. IA recruiters will see your badge and feel confident knowing you have what it takes to earn our seal of approval.