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How to Write Hail Claims & Work Cat Drive Ins

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This course is a basic overview of how to be and become a catastrophic auto hail adjuster.

This is an archived training and does not have any active certifications. Please learn from and enjoy the material on IA Path.

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Learn the keys to being an A-list adjuster for any companies hail team.

About Your Instructor

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley

Founder of IA Path

Chris has 10 years of experience as an independent adjuster and appraiser.

Starting as a daily auto damage appraiser he has been a dispatcher, file reviewer, and state manager for a nationwide appraisal company,

In catastrophe adjusting, Chris worked as a cat Line adjuster, project manager, and national operations manager.

Now with a heart for adjuster placement and training, Chris Stanley founded the IA Path.

The IA Path was founded to help make it easier to be and become an auto damage appraiser. Through IA Path's podcast, courses, software, services, and online presence, IA Path has garnered respect as a top influencer on the next generation of independent auto damage appraisers.



From Joseph Bledsoe

Very Informative! Thanks Chris for putting this together and giving us new adjusters the tools to be successful. Much Appreciated!

Hail Score Great Training

From Otis Copeland

Hail Score is a great course I found it to be very detail specific and stands head and shoulders above the other training that I have received in this industry. I would absolutely recommend this co...

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From Mike Boucher


If you're considering or committed to entering the world of auto adjusting/appraisal

From Mike Johnson

If you're considering or committed to entering the world of auto adjusting/appraisal or paintless dent repair adjusting, I would recommend this program. Chris Stanley, the writer/facilitator is a s...

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From John Snipe

This course was very well organized and simple. The outline is exact and straightforward to the point. I loved every second and the extras really keep me glued to the interest. After completing thi...

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From Ben Ward

Hail Course review

From Kristen Hargroder

This course is an excellent training tool for both "newbies" and veterans. As a 9+ year veteran, I found it to be concise and to the point without clouding the issues with irrelevant information. ...

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You'll Learn

PDR Matrix

Hail Estimating

Standard Process

Being Prepared

Proper Technique

Secrets to Hail Estimating


Welcome to Hail Score


  • Welcome to Hail Score FREE TRIAL

01 The Decision


  • IA Path LinkedIn Group
  • The Decision Video FREE TRIAL
  • Do You Want to Be a Catastrophic Hail Adjuster? FREE TRIAL
  • The Pro's and the Con's of Being a Catastrophic Hail Adjuster FREE TRIAL
  • eBook - 5 Steps to Becoming a Hail Adjuster FREE TRIAL
  • Video - 5 Steps to Becoming a Hail Adjuster FREE TRIAL

02 The Call


  • The Call Video
  • Cat Adjuster Checklist

03 The Set Up


  • The Set Up Video

04 The Line


  • The (Cat) Line Video
  • Your Process Start to Finish
  • 30 Minutes to Get it Right - Your Process Start to Finish

05 The Introduction


  • The Introduction Video
  • 4 Keys to a Successful Conversation
  • Owner FAQ's
  • Rock Chip vs Hail (Knowing the Difference)
  • How to Explain PDR with Visual

06 The Inspection


  • The Inspection Video
  • Repair Guide: Panel by Panel
  • Light Bending Your Hail Estimating Super Power
  • Live Scoping Demonstration with Special Guest
  • Photo Guide: Documenting the Vehicle with Photos
  • Live Photo Session
  • Photos Taken During Live Video
  • Using a Scope Sheet to Document Hail Damage
  • Using the IA Path Scope Sheet to Document Hail Damage
  • Using a PDR Matrix is as Easy as 1,2,3
  • IA Path PDR Price Matrix
  • Video - How Hail is Repaired with Paintless Dent Repair FREE TRIAL
  • Time Lapse of a Hail Repair Start to Finish FREE TRIAL

07 The Estimate


  • Writing a Hail Damage Estimate (Live Example)
  • The Claim Information
  • CCC One Contacts Tab
  • CCC One Insurance Tab
  • CCC One Inspection Tab
  • The Vehicle Information
  • CCC One Vehicle Tab
  • The Damage Information
  • CCC One Estimate Tab
  • CCC One Rates, Attachments, and Total Loss Tab
  • Total Loss

08 The Review


  • The Review Video

*Bonus* The Car


  • Parts of the Front of the Vehicle
  • Front Bumper
  • Grille & Headlights
  • Hood
  • Fender
  • Wheel
  • Cowl & Windshield
  • The Parts of the Side of the Vehicle
  • Side of the Vehicle
  • Door
  • Rocker Panel
  • Roof
  • Quarter Panel
  • Back Lamps
  • Rear Bumper
  • Trunk
  • Summary of the Exterior
  • The Parts of the Rear of the Vehicle

Knowledge Test

  • Knowledge Test

Student Webinars


  • 3-6 Student Webinar Recording
  • 3-20 Student Webinar Recording
  • The 3 Factors of Hail Damage Reports, How to Know if Deployment is Possible


  • Independent Adjuster Podcast