Heavy Truck Adjuster's Boot Camp

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Certification and Job Opportunity

Nationally Recognized

For Truck Adjuster's who complete the course requirements, IA Path will issue a Heavy Truck Certification that is recognized nationally with our Certified Partners.

Mentorship & Community

3 Months

$300 value
Work better together? Using our modern collaboration and chat tool, you can interact with other students, instructors, in IA Path "Council of IA's" Community.

Truck Writer Software

Free for 1 Month

State of the art heavy truck estimating software, Truck Writer Estimator, has partnered with IA Path to equip you with their software during your training

Earn More

Learn to Write Heavy Truck & Trailer Estimates

Heavy Truck & Trailer Claims Have Many Benefits

This online interactive course is 4 weeks long with one session a week.

Each week there is challenges and quizzes that must be completed to receive your IA Path Heavy Truck Certification.

Why would you put all this work into learning to write Heavy Truck and Trailer Estimates?

  • Pay By the Hour: Heavy truck & trailer claims pay per hour, no more spending hours on a claim and getting paid the same small flat rate.
  • More Pay: Typical heavy truck & trailer invoices are 3x to 5x's a standard auto claim. Why spend all your time picking up dimes, start grabbing the dollars.
  • Less Competition: There is fewer truck adjusters than typical auto adjusters. Eliminate your competition by having the edge and a skill most don't have.

Easily Expand Your Claims Business


As a modern independent auto adjuster & appraiser, just doing auto claims can limit your companies growth and set you up for a frustrating career.

Heavy equipment claims can expand your business and increase your bottom line.

The Heavy Truck Adjuster's Boot Camp makes it easy to learn to write heavy truck and trailer claims and to quickly add a new service and revenue stream to your business

About Your Instructor

Jay Contino

Jay Contino

Heavy Equipment Instructor

Jay has been an adjuster for 22 years and ran a successful IA firm for 16 years. He also has extensive experience and expertise with Heavy Equipment claims. Insurance and independent appraisal companies seek his services due to his premium service and knowledge.



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  • (Tuesday May 22th at 8pm Eastern ) **Attend** the Live Week 4



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Week 1 - Identifying a Unit


  • **Replay** Week 1 "The Unit""
  • Week 1 Downloads & Challenge
  • Week 1 Quiz and Challenge Upload

Week 2 - Obtaining Part Prices


  • **Replay** Week 2 "The Parts"
  • Downloads & Challenge for Week 2
  • Week 2 Quiz and Challenge Upload

Week 3 - Estimating Damages


  • (Tuesday May 15th 8pm) **Replay** Estimating Damages Live Training
  • Week 3 Challenge
  • Week 3 Quiz and Challenge Upload

Week 4 - Total Loss, ACV, and Invoicing


  • (Tuesday May 22nd 8pm Eastern) **REPLAY** Total Loss, ACV, and Invoicing Live Training
  • Week 4 Challenge
  • Week 4 Quiz & Challenge Upload

You'll Learn


Proper Identification of Units

Repair Times

Part Identification

Parts Price Research

Estimating Software

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