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Unlock Your Adjusting Superpowers

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Find your superpowers and uncover your true identity as an independent auto damage appraiser or adjuster with access to over $2,000 in online auto damage training including.....

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Cutting Edge Collision, Hail, & Flood Auto Training


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Welcome to the League of IA's

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  • What Adjuster License Should I Get?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Won't Make it as a Catastrophic Adjuster
  • Independent Adjuster Myths That are Killing Your Career
  • The Day I Lost My Shirt

Council of IA's (Community Discussion)

  • Join the Council of IA's

Monthly League Only Training

  • Hail Adjuster's Boot Camp - 4 Days in Hail (Feb 13th - March 13th)

**New Content**

  • NEW COURSE! - 3 Superpowers of Auto Damage Appraisers

IA Path Content

  • Blog - IA Log
  • Podcast - Independent Adjuster Podcast
  • Book - Hail Adjuster's Playbook & Resources

Ultimate Auto Adjuster Guides

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Collision Training

  • Crash Course - Full Course
  • Collision Parts of the Vehicle - Mini Course
  • 3 Superpowers of Auto Damage Appraisers - 1hr Training
  • Wrapping Your Head Around R&I Like Never Before - Archived Live Training

Hail Training

  • Hail Score - Full Course
  • Hail Adjuster's Boot Camp - Live Workshop
  • Successtimate Hail Edition - CCC One Training
  • Hail Adjuster's Workbook - Book & Quizzes
  • How to Always Be Right With Your Conventional Hail Repair times - 1hr Training
  • Get Started in Hail Adjusting Without Wasting Time or Money - Archived Live Training
  • Hail Adjuster's Playbook (Resources)

Flood Training

  • Flood Zone - Full Course

Superhero Perks (Adjuster Discounts)

  • IA Path Training - 25% off Boot Camps
  • Superhero Automation Powers - Free Monthly Subscription to AutoForms.co
  • Adjuster Licenses & Courses - 20% off at AdjusterPro.com
  • Map Routing and Planning Software - Badger Mapping Discount = 60 Days Free
  • Mileage Tracking App - 20% off MileIQ's Annual Plan
  • Invoicing & Accouting Software - Freshbooks Extended Trial