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  • Foundations

    Learn how to use Audatex and input auto damage estimates.

  • Tips & Tricks

    Find tips, tricks, options, and settings you never knew existed... until now.

  • Step by Step

    The Audatex Adjuster's Playbook takes you step by step through how to go start to finish with an estimate.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Set Up

    • Initial Setup/My Settings

    • Estimating and Worklist Screen (Homepage)

    • Creating a New Profile or Header

    • Setting Up Default, Area, and Shop Rates

    • Setting Up Manual Lines

  • 2

    Estimate Pages

    • Admin Page

    • Vehicle Page

    • Rates Page

    • Damage Page Pt. 1

    • Damage Page Pt. 2

    • Completing and Closing a Claim

  • 3

    Admin & Vehicle Playbook (How To's)

    • How to Create a New Profile or Header

    • How to Create a New Estimate

    • How to Edit an Existing Estimate

    • How to Create a Supplement

    • How to Search for a Claim

    • How to Add a Deductible

    • How to Add an Estimate Remark or Note

    • How to Add an Owner, Insured, Claimant, Lien Holder, Agent, Adjuster, or Appraiser

    • How to Edit the Options of a Vehicle

    • My Vin Isn't Decoding, What do I do?

    • How Do I Write an Estimate Without a Vin?

    • How to Write a Classic Car in Audatex

    • How do I Write an RV or Heavy Equipment Estimate?

    • Options & Equipment Definitions

    • How to Change the Labor Rates or Tax Rates

  • 4

    Damage Playbook (How To's)

    • How to Replace an OEM Part

    • How to Replace a Recycled Part

    • How to Replace an Aftermarket Part

    • How to Repair a Panel

    • How to Refinish a Panel

    • How to Refinish a Panel

    • How to Add a Sublet Repair Line

    • How to Add a Manual Line

    • How to Add a Manual Line

    • How to Add a Wheel Alignment or Tire

    • How to Search for Parts

    • How to Delete an Estimate Line

    • How to Add Unrelated Prior Damage Estimate or UPD

    • How to Write Hail or PDR Damage Without the PDR Module

    • How to Apply Betterment

    • How to Edit the Days to Repair

    • Why is Audatex Saying the Vehicle is a Total Loss After Only 1 Damage Entry

    • How to Mark a Vehicle as a Total Loss

    • How to Print an Estimate

    • Anatomy of a Printed Estimate

    • How to Export Estimate Data or EMS Files

    • How to Import Estimate Data or EMS Files


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