Learn How Getting Started an Auto Can Make You Get Work FAST

  • Step by Step

    Learn how to win the dreaded adjuster lottery, get trained, and get working FAST with a step by step plan.

  • High Quality Videos

    No boring lessons here, enjoy this conversation-style course while you hang out. Content is well researched from dozens of interviews and hundreds of conversations with those who have MADE IT!

  • Industry Leader

    Hang out with Chris Stanley on his sailboat as he shares with you what he's found out over the past 12 years in the industry and how you can use it to your advantage.

Don't Just Get to the Back of the Line

There are plenty of things you could do in your career, lots of mistakes you could make, we'll walk you through our best advice of how to avoid the pitfalls and find success in your career.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What This Course is For

    • RESOURCE: Independent Adjuster's Playbook

    • Print Copy of the Roadmap

    • Register for the Community (optional)

    • Resource: Independent Adjuster's Podcast

  • 2

    How the Industry Works

    • Independent Adjusting 101

    • How to Play (and WIN) the Adjuster Lottery

  • 3

    Step 1: Auto Training

    • LESSON: Auto Damage Mentorship & Certification

    • RESOURCE: Auto Adjuster's Playbook

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Auto Damage Certification

  • 4

    Step 2: License

    • LESSON 2: Get an Adjuster's or Appraiser's License

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Get Your Auto Appraiser License (if state requires it)

  • 5

    Step 3: EIN

    • LESSON: Obtain Your EIN

    • TASK: Apply for EIN

  • 6

    Step 4: LLC

    • LESSON: File to Become an LLC (Ask your accountant)

    • TASK: Form Your LLC

  • 7

    Step 5: Bank

    • LESSON: Open Up a Business Bank Account

    • TASK: Open a Business Bank Account

  • 8

    Step 6: Insurance

    • LESSON: Obtaining Proper Insurance

    • TASK: Obtain Your Correct Insurance

  • 9

    Step 7: Finish Training

    • LESSON: Finish Auto Training

    • FINISH: Auto Damage Certification

  • 10

    Step 8: Software Training

    • LESSON: Get Software Training

    • COURSE: CCC One Training & Certifcation

    • COURSE: Audatex Adjuster's Crash Course

    • RESOURCE: Audatex Adjuster's Playbook

  • 11

    Step 9: LinkedIn

    • LESSON: Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile

    • TASK: Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

  • 12

    Step 10: Resumé

    • LESSON: Build Your Resumé

    • RESOURCE: Adjuster's Resume Playbook

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Adjuster Resume Challenge

    • TASK: Complete and Share Your Resume

  • 13

    Step 11: Photo Rosters

    • LESSON: Photo Rosters

    • TASK: Get On Photo Rosters

  • 14

    Step 12: Rosters

    • LESSON: Get On 13 Rosters

    • RESOURCE: IA Path Virtual Adjuster Job Fair

    • RESOURCE: Networking Adjuster's Playbook

    • TASK: Get On With at LEAST 5 Rosters

  • 15

    Step 13: Purchase Software

    • LESSON: Purchase Estimating Software

    • TASK: Purchase CCC One

  • 16

    MILESTONE: Get Your First Claim!

    • MILESTONE: Get Your First Claim!

  • 17

    Next Steps

    • BONUS: Expand Into Catastrophic or Heavy Equipment Claims