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    Hours of high-quality videos for self-paced learning. No boring slides or robot voices here. Learn from experts with expert production.

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    Includes live scopes and inspections on real damaged vehicles so you can see how to inspect and handle hail damage like a pro.

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    Get foundational and advanced knowledge about being a catastrophic auto adjuster and appraiser. Learn how to assess hail damage, scope vehicles, handle field claims, and drive-ins deployments.

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  • 3 Monthly Payments of $350

    3 Monthly Payments of $350Auto Damage Appraiser Starter Pack

    Need to learn how to write collision, hail, or flood auto claims? Need software training for CCC One and Audatex? This is your pack. All self-paced online training to prepare you for your new career.
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  • 3 monthly Payments of $875

    3 monthly Payments of $875Auto Damage Mentorship and Certification (LVL 1: Collision)

    Need to break the experience requirement barrier? This is our all-inclusive mentorship and training bundle. Collision, hail, flood, software, and 5-week interactive online training and auto damage certification that gets the experience requirement waived with 20+ IA Firms across the nation.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About This Course

    • Other Courses

    • Introduction

    • What is Hail?

    • The Pros and Cons of Being a Catastrophic Hail Adjuster

    • Downloads & Templates

  • 2

    Drive In Claim Process

    • Catastrophic Hail Field Claims vs Drive In

    • Drive In Workflow

    • The Inspection Conversation

    • Taking Photos

  • 3

    Field Claims Process

    • Receiving the Assignment

    • Scheduling Your Days Work

    • Setting an Appointment

    • The Inspection Conversation

    • Taking Photos

  • 4

    Scoping Hail Damage Basics

    • PDR - How Hail is Fixed... What is PDR?

    • Hail Inspection Etiquette

    • Light Bending - How to See Hail Dents

    • Using a PDR Hail Matrix & Pricing Sheet

    • Determing the Size of a Hail Dent

    • Off Matrix Dents - Oversized Hail Dents

    • Hail Scope Sheet

    • Standard R&I

  • 5

    Scoping Hail Damage Advanced

    • Inspecting a Panel - Light Bending

    • Inspecting a Panel - Reflector Sheet

    • Inspecting a Panel - Reflector Board

    • Hail Scoping 101 (Full Scope Outside vs Inside)

    • PDR Markups

    • Drying a Wet Car for a Hail Damage Inspection

  • 6

    Conventional Repair - Beyond PDR

    • Beyond PDR Pt. 1: How to Know if It is Beyond PDR

    • Beyond PDR Pt. 2: Determining Repair Hours

    • Beyond PDR Pt. 3: Push 2 Repair and Cracked Paint

    • Beyond PDR - Conclusion

  • 7

    Writing an Estimate

    • Writing the Estimate

    • Use the CCC One Crash Course

  • 8

    Reviewing the Claim With the Owner

    • Reviewing the Claim

    • Next Steps

  • 9

    Bonus Material

    • Supplements

    • Hail Training Seminar Part 1 - Inspect Like a Pro

    • Hail Training Seminar Part 2 - Cash in on Storms (How to Get Work)

    • Hail Training Seminar Part 3 - Manage the Hail Storm

    • Downloads & Templates