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Learn How to Handle Liability Claims

  • Interactive

    Videos are good, but can only get you so far. Go deep with our interactive auto liability certification where you work with our instructor and mentors actually completing mock claims so you can get your questions answered and handle claims with confidence.

  • Questions Answered

    Ask questions of your live instructor, plus your access to our IA Path Community ensures you can get questions answered when you need them.

  • Industry Designation

    This certification is a key requirement to earning the IAPAL Designation. . Letters after your name mean something in the insurance industry. Prove you learned something by passing the IA Path Liability Certification and earn the IAPAL Designation (IA Path Auto Liability Designation)

Pay All At Once or in Payments

The Choice is Yours

The Opportunity You NEVER Knew Existed as an IA

Presentation by Tinecia Johnson


What Will I Learn?

This course will teach you how to conduct a liability investigation. From the first notice of loss to a liability decision and report you'll learn how to handle an auto liability investigation every step of the way.

You'll learn how to properly review and determine coverages, gather statements, reviewing police reports, and review damages so you can begin to determine liability.

You'll learn how to determine what duty was owed, what duty was breached, who had the right of way and or possession of roadways s you can make a decision and compile a liability decision report.

How Will I Learn?

We''ll do interactive online Zoom meetings where we walk you through how to conduct a liability investigation and assign you homework so you can put into practice what you learned.

After each class you'll receive homework and conduct a liability investigation, make a liability decision, and complete a report explaining your decision.

You'll receive feedback from your instructor who will guide you through improvements and help you refine your investigation to look like a pro on your first live liability investigation.

Will I Get Work Once I am Certified?

If your final liability investigation meets the industry standard of a liability investigation you will become IA Path Auto Liability Certified.

IA Path will let our partner firms know that you have graduated and are ready to conduct liability investigations so they can consider you for work opportunities. IA Path will also pass on our partner/Featured Firms information to you so you can also reach out for work. We have a 50%+ placement of our liability students in the first 90 days.

What Kind of Work Can I Get With This Certification?

Most work opportunities for liability adjusters are desk opportunities. You will most likely get opportunities for liability work through catastrophic independent adjusting firms as a 1099 or through insurance companies as a w-2 employee.

Work opportunities can be in office/cubicle deployments or work from home deployments. Typically you will work 8-10hrs/day 5-6 days a


Claim Handling Sepcialist

Tinecia Johnson

TJ has worked for 15 years handling a wide array of claim types. Ranging from auto liability claims, bodily injury, workers compensation and even unemployment claims. She strives to educate everyone around her about the diversity of the industry.