How Does the IA Path CCC One Certification Work?

  • 1. Review

    Learn how to use CCC One or refresh yourself with the video study guide included

  • 2. Test

    Turn in your estimate to be graded and prove you can execute at a high level with the CCC One estimating software.

  • 3. Work

    Show your certification off to companies to prove that you know how to use CCC One and get more work

This Certification is Only Available for Those Enrolled in IA Path's Level 1,2 or 3 Mentorship

IA Path provides CCC One Software Access During Training for Students Enrolled in Level 1, 2 or, 3 Mentorships

This certification is for adjusters, auto damage appraisers, and body shop estimators that want to get a working knowledge of CCC One.

Once comfortable with navigating the CCC One software and demonstrating the ability to key in estimates using the software the IA Path CCC Level 1 Certification tells firms you so basic competency with the software.

Level 1 is available for any students enrolled in IA Path Level 1 Mentorship program.

IA Path's CCC One Level 2 Certification shows IA Firms you are proficient (fast) in CCC One for catastrophic deployments. The level 2 certification is available for anyone enrolled in our Level 2 Catastrophic Auto Mentorship.

Explainer Video

What to Expect With Course Instructor Koby Hearn

*Testing & Class is NOW On-Demand.

All classes are pre-recorded and you can test whenever you are ready.

IA Path CCC One Level 1 Certification

What Does It Test/Prove?

What Does This Certification Prove?
This certification tests and upon successful completion recognizes a user is proficient and efficient at the CCC One estimating system.

What is the Test?
To become Level 1 certified, the test taker must be write an estimate using the guidelines and damage notes in under 45 minutes. It is designed to test the taker's ability to input all standard admin information, vehicle options, estimating functions and tab (including basic PDR), manipulate labor and tax rates, properly add line notes.


IA Path CCC One Level 2 Certification

What Does It Test/Prove?


What does this Certification Prove?
This certification tests and upon successful completion recognizes that a user can use CCC One to write hail damage estimates at an exemplary level that is required to work a catastrophic hail event.

What is Required to Earn the Level 2 Certification?
To become Level 2 certified, the test taker must write a hail damage estimate using the guidelines and damage notes in under 20 minutes. It is designed to test the writer's ability to write a hail estimate quickly inside of CCC One.

CCC One Certification Included in IA Path's Mentorship Program

You'll get the 2-5 year experience requirements waived with 40+ IA Firms

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Join the IA Path Community

    • How This Works

    • Contact Information (for us sharing your information with IA Firms!)

  • 2

    CCC One Setup

    • TASK: Request CCC One Login

    • TASK: Install CCC One Estimating Software

    • TASK: Fix Your Screen Resolution For Using CCC One

    • Setup & Home Screen

    • Setup, Search, Configuring Profiles

    • IA Profiles Rates & Rules

    • TASK: Set Up Your Own IA Profile to Use Throughout Your Certification

    • TASK: Set Up Rates in Your Profile

    • Carrier Profiles

    • Machine Settings

    • TASK: Set Up Your Import/Export (Machine Settings)

    • TASK: Set Up Vendors

  • 3

    On-Demand IA Path CCC One Certification

    • Class 1 Replay

    • Class 2 Replay

    • IA Path CCC One Level 1 Certification Test (Basic Proficiency)

    • How to Upload Your Completed ESTIMATE to Claim Leader (once we assign you your final)

  • 4

    CCC One Tabs (Navigation)

    • Contacts Tab

    • Insurance Tab

    • Inspection Tab

    • Vehicle Tab

    • Rates Tab

    • Attachments & Settlements Tab

    • Total Loss Tab

    • Top Bar

    • Misc. Tabs

  • 5

    Estimating Section

    • Estimate Tabs

    • 50 Yard Line

    • Line Properties

    • Functions

    • Reading an Estimate

    • Locking an Estimate

    • Supplements

    • Hail & PDR

  • 6

    Quick Reference Videos (How to Use)

    • Welcome and How to Use This Course (previously called Successtimate)

  • 7

    Standard Operations (Quick Reference)

    • How to Add PDR to Any Panel

    • How to Add Manual, Sublet, or PDR Lines without a built in PDR Price Matrix

    • How to Add an Oversize Dent to a Panel

    • How to Add the Aluminum Markup to a PDR Panel

    • How to Add the Aluminum Markup on a Panel After the Facts

    • How Insert a Manual Line

    • How to Perform a Price Comparison, Replace vs Combo Repair

    • How to Replace a Panel

    • How to Choose an Aftermarket Part

    • How to Repair a Panel

    • How to Refinish a Panel

    • How to Blend a Panel

    • How to Give an Appearance Allowance

    • Hazardous Waste Removal

    • Corrosion Protection

    • Cover Car

    • How to Change the Tax Rate

    • How to Change the Labor Rate

    • How to Add an Estimate Note

  • 8

    Hood (Quick Reference)

    • Hood PDR and RI 5 Dents or Less

    • Hood PDR and RI 6 Dents or More

    • Hood PDR Combo Repair 50 Dents and Less Cracked Paint

    • Hood PDR Combo Repair 51+ Dents With Cracked Paint

    • Hood Replace

    • Hood Blends

  • 9

    Fender (Quick Reference)

    • Fender PDR & R/I

    • Fender Combo Repair

    • Fender Replace

  • 10

    Live Estimates (Bonus)

    • Live Estimate #1

    • Chrysler 300 Live Estimate

  • 11

    Windshield & Cowl (Quick Reference)

    • Cowl Replace

    • Windshield Replace

  • 12

    Roof (Quick Reference)

    • Roof PDR and RI

    • Roof Replace and RI

    • Roof Push to Repair

    • Roof PDR and RI SUV or Van

    • Roof Replace SUV or Van

  • 13

    Roof Rail (Quick Reference)

    • Roof Rail PDR

    • Roof Rail Repair and Blends

  • 14

    Doors (Quick Reference)

    • Front Door PDR and RI 1-15 Dents

    • Front Door PDR and RI 16-30 Dents

    • Front Door PDR and RI 31+ Dents

    • Front Door Replace or RR

    • Front Door Blends and RI

    • Rear Door Replace

    • Rear Door Blends and RI

  • 15

    Quarter Panel (Quick Reference)

    • Quarter Panel PDR and RI

    • Quarter Panel Repair and RI

    • Quarter Panel Blends and RI

  • 16

    Trunk and Liftgate (Quick Reference)

    • Liftgate PDR and RI

    • Trunk PDR and RI

    • Trunk Replace and RI

    • Trunk Blends and RI

    • Trunk Lid Combo Repair PDR and Repair Cracked Paint

  • 17

    Webinars (Bonus)

    • 3-20 Webinar

    • 3-23 Webinar

  • 18

    CCC One Boot Camp Webinars (Bonus)

    • Day 1 Writing an Estimate from Scratch

    • Day 3 Writing Damages in CCC One