Learn How to Get Work as a Catastrophic or Daily Desk Adjuster

  • Step by Step

    Learn how to navigate the complex world of independent adjusting to position yourself as qualified and desirable as a desk adjuster.

  • Recommended Training

    Not only do we tell you the steps, but also point you to highly regarded and respected industry training to help make you stand out. You'll never get lost in your journey or wonder what you need to do.

  • Industry Leader

    This information and recommendations come from Chris Stanley who has spent years in research and discussion with industry leaders to find out the correct steps for you to take!

This Training Guides You Through Every Step of Becoming a Desk Adjuster

Don't play the license, training, and roster lottery. Know what to do and when to do it to maximize your dollars and time.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • What This Course is For

    • RESOURCE: Independent Adjuster's Playbook

    • Print Copy of the Roadmap

    • Register for the Community (optional)

    • RESOURCE: Independent Adjuster's Podcast

  • 2

    Step 1: Get an Adjuster's License

    • LESSON: Get an Adjuster's License

    • OBTAIN LICENSES: Get the First Two Adjuster Licenses

  • 3

    Step 2: Obtain Proper Insurance

    • LESSON: Obtain Proper Insurance

    • TASK: Raise Your Insurance Cover (If Needed)

  • 4

    BONUS! Update/Create Resume

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Adjuster Resume Challenge

  • 5

    Step 3: Get On Rosters

    • LESSON: Get on Rosters

    • RESOURCE: Networking Adjuster's Playbook

    • TASK: Join 4 Major State Farm Rosters

  • 6

    Step 4: New York License

    • LESSON: New York License

    • COMPLETE COURSE: New York Licensing Exam Prep

    • TASK: Obtain Your New York Adjuster's License

  • 7

    Step 5: Auto Training

    • LESSON: Auto Training

    • COMPLETE PATH: Auto Adjuster's Path (optional)

    • RESOURCE: Auto Adjuster's Playbook

  • 8

    Step 6: Attend Orientations

    • LESSON: Attend Orientations

    • TASK: Attend the Company Orientations

  • 9

    Step 7: State Farm Auto Certification

    • LESSON: State Farm Auto Certification

    • ASSIGNMENT: Become State Farm Certified in Auto

  • 10

    Step 8: Property Training

    • LESSON: Property Training

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Residential Hail Certification Course

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Haag Construction Basics (optional)

    • COMPLETE COURSES: ILX Construction Training (optional)

  • 11

    Step 9: State Farm Property Certification

    • LESSON: State Farm Property Certification

    • TASK: Become State Farm Certified in Property

  • 12

    Step 10: Liability Training

    • LESSON: Liability Training

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Liability Certification (optional)

  • 13

    Step 11: New Mexico License

    • LESSON: New Mexico License

    • COMPLETE COURSE: New Mexico Adjuster's License Exam Prep

    • TASK: Obtain Your New Mexico Adjsuter License

  • 14

    Step 11: Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Property Damage Appraisers License

    • LESSON: Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Property Damage Appraisers License

    • COMPLETE COURSE: Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Propert Damage Appraiser's License Exam Prep

    • TASK: Obtain Your Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Property Damage Appraiser's License

  • 15

    Step 12: More Rosters

    • TASK: Get On More Rosters

    • RESOURCE: Utilize the Adjuster Job Fair (optional)

  • 16

    Step 13-15: More Licenses

    • LESSON: More Licenses

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