Learn How to Get a Job at an Insurance Company

No Experience or Degree Required!

  • Step by Step

    Learn how to win the dreaded resume lottery, ace the interview process, and get promoted at an insurance company with a proven step by step plan.

  • High Quality Videos

    No boring lessons here, enjoy this conversation style course. Content is well researched and based on interviews of 10 hiring insurance adjuster hiring managers and recruiters and what they said you could do to get hired and promoted.

  • Industry Leaders

    Learn from industry leaders Chris Stanley & John Bachmann about how to put the odds in your favor.

You Shouldn't Play the Resume Lottery

Each job has an average of 250 applicants... will you rise to the top?

Most people treat getting a job like a lottery. Buy a ticket (create a resume the same as everyone else), pick some numbers (apply online), and hope you win. (get hired) The reality is you can better the odds and make yourself an irresistible adjuster job candidate so you'll be hired in the next 90 days. No degree or prior claims experience required! John and Chris show you how in this course.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About This Course

    • RESOURCE: Insurance Company Adjuster's Playbook

    • Meet Your Instructors

  • 2

    Is Being an Adjuster Right for You?

    • Is Claims the Place to Be?

    • YES! Claims is the Place to Be! (Pros of Being an Insurance Adjuster)

    • Cons of Being an Insurance Adjuster

    • How to Deal With Stress in Claims (Insurance Nerdery)

    • Salary of an Insurance Adjuster

    • Career Paths of an Insurance Adjuster

  • 3

    Phase 1: Preparing

    • Step 01: Education

    • Step 02: Training

    • Step 03: Licensing

    • Step 04: Resume

    • Step 05: LinkedIn & Indeed

  • 4

    Phase 2: Interviewing

    • Introduction to Phase 2: Interviewing

    • Step 06: Mental Preparation

    • Steph 07: Research

    • Step 08: Handshake & Dress

    • Step 09: Interview Tips & Tricks

    • Step 10: Follow Up

  • 5

    Phase 3: Thriving

    • Step 11 & 12: Job and Expectations

    • Step 13: Improving Your Communication

    • Step 14: Continuing Education

    • BONUS: Promotion Hacks!