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    Keep track of all your networking in one easy to use platform called the IA Networking Machine. Includes 150+ IA Firms pre-loaded.

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    12+ Industry leaders discussing what networking is to them, how it's helped them and how you can use it to help your career.

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    Get Networking Email Templates That Are Proven to Get IA's Work.

Networking Black Box Interviews

Hang out with industry leaders

Listen to over a dozen industry leaders give their thoughts on networking and what you should be doing in your career.

IA Networking Machine

Manage Your Networking Like Your Career Depends on It

Managing and tracking your business is always hard enough. We decided to provide you with an easy to use digital platform to manage your networking. Includes 150+ IA Firms pre-loaded with their phone # and website or email of where to apply. Your next lead is only one click away.

IA Path Community

The Black Box Includes 1 Month of Access to the Exclusive IA Path Community

Previously only reserved for the students of IA Path's Auto Damage Certification, we are now opening its doors so you can network with other IA's, get your questions answered, and NEVER be stuck in your career again.

Included in the Networking Black Box

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    • Welcome and How This Works

    • Join the IA Path Adjuster Mentorship & Help Room Community (Optional)

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    Networking Adjuster's Playbook

    • Digital & Audiobook Downloads

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    IA Networking Machine

    • How to Create Your Own IA Networking Machine

    • IA Networking Machine

    • How to Use Your IA Networking Machine

    • Email Templates

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    Networking Black Box Interviews

    • Tony Canas - Original INSNerds

    • Adam Painter - Host of the Adjuster Show Podcast

    • Mathew Allen - of AdjusterTV

    • David Milton - CEO of Telaclaims

    • Ernie Bray - CEO of ACD

    • Jason Heenan - Host of the AdjusterTalk Podcast

    • Colleen Davis - Director of Claims Logistics at SCA Appraisal Company

    • John Bachman - The #1 YouTube Claims Guy in Insurance

    • Kagan Blackburn - Co-Author of the Networking Adjuster's Playbook

    • Doug Browning - Director of Choice Solution Services

    • Ken Wittch - Vice President, Claims Operations at TheBestIRS

    • Caleb Coin Independent Auto/Property Adjuster

    • Ryan Roberts - VP of Business Operations at QA Claims


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