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  • Learn the Shortcuts

    Don't waste time learning parts of Xactimate you'll never use. Go deep on only what you need to know to be fast and good.

  • Real World Training

    Real, working adjusters use Xactimate differently than instructors, PAs, and contractors.

  • Don't Lose It All

    You've spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting ready to start your IA career. Don't throw it all away by not learning how to be fast in Xactimate


Lead Property Mentor

Mathew Allen

Founder of AdjusterTV & 20+ Year Veteran Catastrophic Property Independent Adjuster & Quality Control Auditor

Message From Your Instructor

Matt Allen of AdjusterTV Wants To Tell Your Something

I was almost kicked off my first storm deployment because I was struggling to learn Xactimate - in spite of having formal training. I've made a six-figure living since 1999 as an independent adjuster. It would have never happened if I failed to get good in Xactimate. In this training, you’ll learn how a real adjuster uses Xactimate - not how an instructor who’s never run claims uses it.
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Course curriculum

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    Xactimate 101

    • Building Your Workflow and Setting Up New Claims

    • Building an Estimate from Scratch

    • Closing Claims Like a Boss

    • How to Use Macros

    • Bonus Downloads