Learning to Write Heavy Equipment & Truck & Trailer Claims Has Never Been Easier

IA Path knows heavy equipment claims can be overwhleming so we made it easy

  • High Quality Videos

    This isn't a bunch of slides, this is high-quality videos looking at damaged heavy equipment with two professional and experienced instructors.

  • Step by Step Plan

    Inspecting heavy equipment doesn't have to be hard, we provide the step by step plan and process to make sure you are successful on even your FIRST claim.

  • Software

    Learn how to use the industry-leading AdjustRite software. 1-month access included with this certification.

  • Certification and Work Opportunities

    Our online 4-week certification is one night a week (Tuesday Nights 8-10pm (EST) and process walks you through every step of the process and tests to make sure you are ready for live claims. Then we certify you and tell our 36+ partnering firms that you are ready for heavy equipment & RV claims.

Requirements to Attend

Below is what is required of you to attend.

  • Have completed the auto damage certification by IA Path or have auto damage experience

  • Enroll in the Heavy Equipment Training and Certification

  • Complete the self-paced Heavy Truck & Trailer Crash Course PRIOR to attending the live training and certification (included with this enrollment)

  • Attend Tuesday Night September 14th, 21st, and 28th

  • Complete weekly homework assignments and final PROPERLY to become certified

Live Certification Begins May 10th

We provide self-paced training so you can start today! Auto experience required to attend. The certification is 4 Tuesday Nights 8-10pm (EST)

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Learn to Write Heavy Equipment + Truck & Trailer Claims FAST!

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